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tv   News  ABC  July 10, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> what is going on with the weather? >> better than it has been. more seasonable through time. we have a chance for a few showers in the forecast for today. we can see that on maryland's most powerful radar, not a lot. things are fizzling out, harford, showers around jarrettsville, tapering off, that's what we like to see. we are seeing showers and thunderstorms trying to bubble up this morning. see lightning strikes around st. mary's county in to the bay. we will be seeing possibly more as we go through the remainder of today. the reason why, we have a stationary front to the south of us. that is why we will keep the chances in. we look at the temperatures, we are warm, also a little bit on the humid side. not as humid as we have been. humidity is humidity, right? 70 edgewood. 69 chestertown. northeast 69 degrees, sliding to goldsboro, 67, middletown 72 degrees.
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good morning to you. now a check of the time saver traffic. you've been talking about the house fire. >> firefighters remain on the scene, baltimore city, north of patterson park. between fayette and orleans, use lakewood instead. everything up to speed through the fort mc henry and the harbor tunnel. 95, white marsh, here is route 43, no problems what solve, it will be a nice ride from harford to here in white marsh in to the city. as we look at the 695, no problems here at bel air, traffic picking up a little bit in the area. you are looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop towards 83. happening today, department of public works is checking a 54-inch water main, inspection shows the main could fail so crews could be out repairing it before it becomes a problem.
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linda so is live in baltimore county with more on how this could affect you. >> reporter: a neighborhood that could be affected by what is going on. you could lose your water for up to an hour at your home or workplace while the work is done today. here are the areas that could be affected. we are talking wilkins avenue, to the north, i-95 on the west, 895 on the south. west of cherry hill and carol park on the east. they will check problems with the water main in southwest baltimore. since everyone's water is connected, even people in the counties are asked to pay attention to how they use their water. >> this week we will begin testing water systems adjustments, redirecting flows, which would last for 48 hours. this is to ensure that we can provide adequate supply water for all our customers when we
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begin repairs. we are calling on citizens to conserve water. >> reporter: some ways to conserve water, don't water your garden, top off the swimming pool or use the sprinkler. if you have to run the dishwasher, you can do that in the early morning hours or late at night. if you live in the city and lose water, call 311 to report it. in the county, call 410-396- 5352. house of representatives will begin debating repeal bill for affordable care act leading up to tomorrow's vote. the supreme court upheld the tax last month. it's symbolic since there is almost no chance it could clear a democratically controlled u.s. senate. it got heated in committee meetings yesterday. >> the american people consistently told us one thing,
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they do not like obama care. the republicans are interested in protecting insurance company's interest rather than protecting patient's rights. the truth is only insurance companies gain from repeal. >> the white house says it will veto repeal bill. golfers including those from texas and florida said they won't carry out the key parts of the affordable care act. you've heard of it as obama care. they won't expand medicaid or exchange a state insurance exchange. four men are accused in the death of u.s. patrol agent, they are offing a $1 million bounty per person. this is part of the operation known as fast and furious. the men are accused of killing terry, our government may have put the guns that killed terry in their hands. >> terry was truly an agent's agent, we will not rest until the individuals are brought to justice. >> two assault rifles recovered were traced to the atf
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operation fast and furious. it allowed low level gun runners to buy weapons in arizona and smug it will weapons in to mexico in hopes the tracking could lead u.s. officials to cartel leaders. penn state university alumni and boosters have something to smile about. they brought in $10 million in donations in the last school year. the second highest amount in the history. it was thrust in to the national spotlight amid the investigation in to sandusky. he was convicted of sexually abusing young boys. they came to testify but ended up throwing punches. the witnesses were there at a hearing for the stand your ground case. it involved a killing outside of a nightclub. the punches began flying. look at the violent video. officers at the courthouse stepped in, they arrested a
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numb of people. an officer was hit in the back of the head. response to quick life saving instincts, the city of hallandale precepted a fired lifeguard with a key to the city. lopez was fired for rescuing a swimmer who was in trouble outside of the zone for coverage. lopez got a standing ovation, and ceremony and six other lifeguards who quit or were fired as a result of supporting lopez's actions. this was the first time he got to meet the man who saved him face to face. the swim per ofs father says lopez was like a son for his efforts saving his real son's life. company known for soda and frito lay. pepsi joining the healthier
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now, good morning maryland. the elderly, other vulnerable homeowners are losing houses because they could owe as little as $400 in back taxes. laws allow investors to buy up houses according to a report from a law center, local governments with seize and sell a home in the owner falls behind on property taxes. it helps governments raise capital at a time when low property values are squeezing tax revenues. pepsi is rolling out first yogurt. they continue bulking up by offering nutritious meals.
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earthquake last year caused damage to the washington monument. now a longer time getting the monument repaired. when visitors could be returning, that story is straight ahead. live in towson with more on the ms a results released today. coming up a live interview can baltimore superintendent. one person has been injured in a house fire that broke out this morning. north lenwood is shut down. ♪
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just two aleve can keep pain away all day. chase freedom is offering 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. wow, thanks! beep. beep. activate your 5% cash back at today is the day we find out how students performed in the maryland assessment test. for a preview, sherrie johnson, is live with baltimore county's new superintendent. he is wanting to talk about
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goals for the coming school year. >> reporter: he has interesting goals. later on this morning, at 9:00, the state department of education will release the state school assessment results. that's taking place at 9:00. these results, basically information on elementary and middle school progress under maryland's new accountability system. ms a exams are given to third through 8th grade students in reading and math. more than 360,000 students actually took the exams in the spring. yes, this morning, we have dr. dallas, joining me live. the new superintendent of baltimore public schools. this is your second week on the job. this is the first superintendent to be live with me at 5:45 in the morning. what are your goals for the upcoming school year. we have four goals to get accomplished. the two most important ones is
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making sure our communication system is in place for our public internally and externally and develop the five year plan, which we will call blue print 2.0. >> reporter: what are you going to takeel first? >> i want to listen. i've had an opportunity throughout the month of june, to talk to parents and students and different fact you will the i and staff members. i want to hear what they feel is the story, what we have done well, what are things we need to focus on. >> this morning, they are going to release the ms as, how important are those? >> we want to make sure kids are progressing in reading and mathematics. be-8 we will see how we did last school year. it gives us the opportunity to see what we need to focus on. >> you are coming from houston. we had a hot weekend. was this different? >> it was different. houston was not as hot as last week. it feels good now with 80-
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degree weather. >> reporter: we will talk to him a little bit more in the 60s hour. the state department of education will be releasing those results at 9:00 this morning. she cher, abc2 news. five things you need to know this morning, the president will be in iowa visiting family to illustrate if they paid more than 2200 more in taxes if the bush era tax cuts were not enacted for the middle class. mitt romney will be campaigning in colorado, hosting a town hall meeting this morning in grand junction. he chose this location because of the high unemployment rate that exists in the county. tonight, the 83rd major league baseball game from coughman in kansas city. jones, johnson, weeders, all in the all star roster. first pitch set for 8:15. stephanie rawlings blake is joining health officials to help kick off the cancer
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prevention study. the cancer society is look for volunteers to help researchers understands the genetic environmental and lifestyle factors that cause or prevent certain fathers or forms of cancer. guitarist slash will be honored on the hollywood walk of fame. guns and roses was inducted this year and received fan fay because axle rose was a no- show. monument closed until 2014. seriously damaged by earthquake last year, the project will require massive scaffolding to be built. the damage is above the 475- foot mark of the monument. flash floods in north
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carolina, motorists forced to abandon 30 cars along the interstate because of the flood waters. crews were out by rafts checking the cars. the waters are engulfing the cars. as much as 5 inches fell in greensboro, north carolina monday and urging everyone to stay off the roads until the waters reseed. relief from the heat is expected to continue. temperatures above 100 degrees was part of the record breaking year for the weather across the country. national ocean ocean ontic atmospheric operation. >> the records were broken or shattered for the june. it's been miserable out. there for today, we are feeling better. the heat wave was broken
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yesterday. satellite and radar, clouds, we see showers and thunderstorms to the south of baltimore right now. that will be the trend as we head throughout the day. outside, you can see for yourself, dundalk, we have the clouds hovering about. we will get peaks of sunshine throughout the day. we have the clouds, we see glimpse of sunshine and that is the scenario through the rest of the morning and the afternoon what you are not seeing is the fact we are humid. see the measure of the moisture in the air in the 60s. we are feeling it. 70 now in dc and more of the same culpepper. the temperature coming in, in the upper 60s baltimore. this is where we should be for this time of the year, above average in dc, 76 degrees, 71 york, salisbury 75 degrees, 73 willmington this morning. the weather pattern picking up on the front, this is the focal point of the showers and storms
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that will be popping up through this morning and this afternoon. again, to the south of us, this could drift to the north and that's why i'm keeping the chance for showers and storms in here, as we go through the morning and the afternoon. future trend picking up on what i'm talking about, mainly to the south, north carolina, virginia, southward, the temperature coming in at 8 of 86 degrees. the seven-day forecast looks like this, we see the temperatures in the 80s, and we will start to warm things up as we head in to next week. we could see the 90s again. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. we are dealing with a house fire north of patterson park, baltimore, northlinwood is closed at fayette as firefighters investigate. one person has been taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. they are expected to survive. do use lake avenue instead. on 95, no concerns, white marsh in to the city, if u headed to
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the harrisburg expressway, this is shawan road. maryland, pennsylvania state line to the beltway, a 22 minute ride, as we pull up over drive times, no problems on the beltway, from 95, 83, that stretch will take you 11 minutes. 12 minute ride on the west side, 795 towards 95. that's a look at your time save traffic. coming up, one man knows how to take care of his car. you will never believe the milestone this map could reach by the -- man could reach by the end of the year. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high.
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1966 volvo keeps going and going and going. the little red car has gotten 2 million-miles on it. the equivalent of traveling from up with coast to the other. more than 600 times. he held the guinness world record for high mileage in vehicles since 2002.
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>> the car has almost 3 million- miles on it. i bought it new june 30th, 1966. i put 1500 miles on the car the first weekend i owned the car. i'm still driving it. it's still on the road. >> the retired schoolteacher hopes to reach the 3 million- mile mark by next year and has 34,000 miles left to go. he bought his beloved car for $4100. imagine that. [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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